Climate Change Resources For Lake Hogan Farms Homeowners

Aerial view of Lake Hogan, open green space and walking paths in Lake Hogan Farms in the town of Carrboro, North Carolina.
Aerial view of Lake Hogan, walking paths, and a few homes in the Lake Hogan Farms residential community of Carrboro, North Carolina. (Photo by Mike Fried, July 2020).

What you will find on this page

Quick background

We are a volunteer, climate change group of homeowners in Lake Hogan Farms, a residential neighborhood within the Town of Carrboro, North Carolina.

We came together early 2020 around a mutual interest in environment-friendly ideas to address climate change where we live.

Yes, each of us may have different perspectives and feelings about the urgency and severity of climate change. But, more than likely, each of us also understands what is happening and wants to do something. It is really not that complicated.

Climate change topics

We set out to dig in and simplify issues related to climate change for ourselves and our neighbors. Take a look at our initial list of climate change topics! Explore any topic you want and try it out in whichever way it makes sense for you.

Over time, you will see more and more topics get added. Pollinator Gardens, Native Plants, Energy Efficiency, and Second Life are already in our pipeline.

One more thing. We are big fans of the Town of Carrboro’s Community Climate Action Plan and hope that what we do here in our neighborhood will help the town achieve its climate goals.

Our neighborhood in numbers

For quick context, our neighborhood includes 434 private homes, has 631,094 square feet of available rooftop space for solar installations, uses 28.8 million gallons in water annually, and has 1,395,833 square feet of indoor space that is likely air conditioned for many months each year. What we do matters.

We want to hear from you

Keep in mind we all live in the same neighborhood if you have questions, comments, or maybe want to volunteer with climate change topics, and send us a quick note if you are interested in getting involved.

We are only getting started.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey to help us understand and recognize how important the public green spaces in Lake Hogan Farms are to our neighbors and community.

The data on this page

Here’s how we got to our neighborhood in numbers:

  • Number of private homes in Lake Hogan Farms: Todd Petherbridge, CAS.
  • Rooftop square feet for solar installations: Nicole Fouche using Project Sunroof analytics on 30-home average subset of 434 homes in LHF, with 93% of homes projected to have sufficient daily available sunlight.
  • Annual water consumption: Orange Water and Sewer Authority.
  • Air conditioned space: GIS/Land Records, Orange County Tax Administration.


To make sure we are on the same page about this grassroots, volunteer effort, please review these details about us, this website, and our privacy policy.