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Aerial photo of Lake Hogan Farms grain silo and club house, pool, tennis and basketball courts.
Lake Hogan Farms’ shared club house, with community pool, tennis, and basketball courts. (Photo by Mike Fried, July 2020).

What you will find on this page

Lake Hogan Farms Climate Change Group

We are homeowners of Lake Hogan Farms in Carrboro, North Carolina. We came together to address environmental issues where we live and to champion the Town of Carrboro’s Community Climate Action Plan within our residential community. 

Our goal is to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Lake Hogan Farms.

Hopefully we will inspire individual and collective actions by informing each other and our neighbors; by educating and teaching those who want to learn how they can do more; and by celebrating progress in our community.

We also want to support the Town of Carrboro’s Community Climate Action Plan by helping create awareness of the town’s programs and work to address environmental issues; by supporting the implementation of the town’s programs in our community, as possible; and by helping measure Lake Hogan Farms’ contributions towards the town’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction goals.

The content on this website

Our goal with this website is to be comprehensive, accurate, and relevant. We do recognize our limitations as a small group of volunteers and that our analyses are not exhaustive. The intent and spirit of our efforts is to help make it easier for you to take steps towards addressing climate change and environmental issues. How you use the information we provide to do that is still your call and your responsibility.

We research topics to the best of our ability based on our experience and what we know, using publicly available tools and information. When possible, we also consult with third party experts relevant to a topic. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as well.

If you want to know more, we invite you to review these additional details about us, this website as well as our privacy policy.

Our team

  • Al Fabrizio
  • Amy Armbruster
  • Danielle Leonard
  • Dave VanHook (co-founder)
  • Mike Fried
  • Nicole Fouche
  • Renee Wilson (co-founder)
  • Robert Kinner
  • Sarah Alexanian
  • Sreeja Asokan
  • Tilly Pick (co-founder)

Get in touch

Keep in mind that we are all just around the corner — literally — if you have questions, comments, or more ideas; and, that we’re all volunteering our time to support this resource. Fill out our contact form to help us keep track of things, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.