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Lake Hogan Farms Homeowners’ Association

The Lake Hogan Farms Climate Change Group is not affiliated with the Lake Hogan Farms Homeowners’ Association (HOA). While we met with and got input from several residents of Lake Hogan Farms and the HOA Board as we explored the idea of creating the Lake Hogan Farms Climate Change Group, their advice and support, both then and on an on-going basis, are not an endorsement of our activities.

Town of Carrboro & Orange County

The Town of Carrboro and Orange County provide essential services to Lake Hogan Farms. We are committed to being open and transparent with the town and the county to make sure the Sustainability, Environmental, Waste Management, and Climate Action teams are informed about our activities.

Methodology, credits, and intellectual property (IP)

We research topics to the best of our ability based on our experience and pre-existing knowledge, using publicly available tools and information. When possible, we consult with third party experts relevant to a topic. In all of that work, we strive to always credit external sources and their intellectual property. In the event we’ve missed something, let us know and we’ll review the potential omission, then address it as appropriate as quickly as we can.

It is still your call

Our goal is to be comprehensive, accurate, and relevant with all of the content we provide as the Lake Hogan Farms Climate Change Group. We do recognize our limitations as a small group of volunteers and that our analyses are not exhaustive. The intent and spirit of our efforts is to help make it easier for you to take steps towards addressing climate change. How you use the information we provide to do that is still your call and your responsibility.

Digital accessibility

We believe that digital content should be accessible to everyone and do all we can to implement the WCAG 2.1 guidelines with the tools and resources we have as a small group of volunteers so people living with disabilities can use the information and benefit from it like everyone else.

Security and privacy

We don’t provide any site or user related information to third parties.

Our site is built using WordPress and hosted on GoDaddy. Any personal information or content you decide to contribute to the site through its contact form or by providing it directly to CCG volunteers for publishing on this site will be guarded using the security protocols and technologies built into the WordPress and GoDaddy platforms.